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Keep A Child Alive: Raising the voices of youth activists

About We Are Here

We Are Here is a movement founded by Alicia Keys, Erika Rose and Leigh Blake to reboot the world. We Are Here works with activists and not for profits to make the world a better place.

About Earle Sebastian

Earle Sebastian is KCA’s Creative Director, a film maker and a designer. Earle was born in Durban SAF, and grew up in London, England. Having studied film in both London and NYC, and with a love of music and fashion, Earle became a key player in the music film industry, working with many of the industries well established artists. Also keenly connected to matters of social injustice, his work extended into the realm of sociopolitical documentary filmmaking. It was here that Earle met Alicia Keys, ultimately becoming the Creative Director of Alicia Keys Worldwide, and also of Keep a Child Alive.